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Congress freshly approved the Insolvency Abuse Prevention and Consumer Defense Act, deliberate to curtail frivolous impoverishment filings and to call for debtors to repay some of their debt. Once it takes air in October, 2005, the law will make it harder for those with conundrum debt to have their debt wiped away by the courts. Most will have to agree to a five-year settlement plan. In death this new law, members of Assembly recommended that our impoverishment courts are overflowing with cases concerning not everyday citizens, but with reckless gamblers, shoppers, and drug abusers. Is that exceedingly the case?

One would think, given the accusations, that the main economic failure rate in the At liberty States would be in place where such vices were common, such as California, New York or even Nevada. If catch having a bet is attention to be the cause of so much bankruptcy, then one might believe that Las Vegas would be the impoverishment first city of the world. How odd it is, then, to detect that Utah, one of only two states that prohibits laying a bet completely, has the main per capita incidence of liquidation filings in the United States. Utah? How can that be?

Utah has a amount of aspects that, taken on their own, don't advocate that economic failure would be a problem. Added together, however, these clothes coin a recipe for disaster:

  • Utah has the nation's maximum birthrate. Seventy percent of the citizens of Utah are members of the Minster of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and members are buoyant to have large families. It costs more to feed, clothe and house a large children than a small one.
  • Utah has more families with only one wager earner. Large families mean more stay-at-home moms, so a lot of families must get by on a free paycheck.
  • Utah's wages are lower than average. Many high tech companies have relocated to Utah in hot years, but the "high tech" jobs they give are often call buyer advantage jobs, which typically pay $8-10 per hour.
  • Members of the LDS House of worship are estimated to tithe 10% of their earnings to the Church.
  • While Utah's home prices are not among the maximum nationally, they are comparatively high when compared to the be an average of wage in the state.
  • The blend of large families, fewer people per family, place of worship donations and low wages have contributed to an financially viable ecosystem that makes it very hard for many Utahns to stay buoyant financially. This is in as the crow flies differ with the advice put forth by Assembly when the new economic failure law was proposed, which recommended that most associates filing for economic failure are austerely irresponsible. For many hard-working ancestors in Utah, the new law will make it harder than ever to make ends meet.

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